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The Southern H-alpha Sky Survey Atlas

Field 250 Images

Field Diameter 13o

Field Center
Right Ascension (1950.0) 10h40m
Declination (1950.0) +10o00'
Right Ascension (2000.0) 10h43m
Declination (2000.0) +09o44'
Galactic Longitude 236.6o
Galactic Latitude +55.0o
On these images North is approximately up and East is to the left.
Smoothed Continuum-Subtracted Image Continuum-Subtracted Image Ha Image Continuum Image
250.sm.fits.gz 250.fl.fits.gz 250h3.mn.fits.gz 250du.mn.fits.gz
FITS Image Files
These GIF images are limited in dynamic range and therefore not suitable for quantitative analysis. Download the FITS image files for this purpose. To download a FITS image file click on one of the above links with your right mouse button and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...",depending on your browser.

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